Sunday, November 8, 2015

The deejayscootz Collection is once again available!

Saves you time, Money & Energy!

Over 120 HOURS (5 DAYS!) of Selected, collected recorded, mixed, remixed, organized and re-mastered for your convenience. 

Music for all of your music playback devices!

An easy, convenient, Searchable Database of artists, songs, genres, moods, vibes, and themes organized for your enjoyment.

How Do I get this Collection?

Send an e-mail to making your request with the subject line: I WANT THE ENTIRE deejayscootz Collection.

ONE SHOT Reggae Multimedia DVD $99

The deejayscootz 1 DAY USB Subscription $500

The deejayscootz 1 WEEK USB Collection $1200 

·       Global Shipping Included!
·       *All Prices Quoted in CDN$
·       Payable on acceptance of terms: Cash, Cheque, Direct Deposit, E-mail, Interac Deposit, Western Union, or the Trade of your Art!

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